Lorena Ochoa Foundation


Since December 2004, Lorena Ochoa Foundation has combined forces with other associations dedicated mostly to education, helping hundreds of marginalized children to reach a balanced life through educational programs, sports, healthy living and self-esteem seminars.

LA BARRANCA EDUCATIONAL CENTER Lorena Ochoa`s Foundation mission statement is to work for education because it is the best way to influence society with healthy growth. Since 2007 our main project has been to help La Barranca Educational Center, located in La Coronilla, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Guadalajara.  In 2011 we provided elementary and middle school, daily breakfast, evening workshops and psychological therapy to 355 children and their families.

Centro Educativo La Barranca

La Barranca works with an innovative teaching model related to children´s nature in motion. The children´s learning tools are: games, thinking abilities, exposure to nature, art and dialog. To help them achieve the knowledge in a creative way, we have two professors in every classroom: a workshop teacher besides a traditional teacher.

In November 2010, we opened the middle school building, a project of $830,000usd with 8 new classrooms, 2 labs, auditorium, and theater among other facilities. This building hosts 240 more children. In the afternoons, the school is open for the entire community in the soccer, judo, computer labs, dance lessons, music, and drama workshops.